ROADRAGE! Man heeft geen zin om los te laten

De context ontbreekt, maar deze meneer is zo gehecht aan de Subaru Forester in het filmpje dat loslaten geen optie is. Met een rosbief-achterwerk en instant genderneutraalheid tot gevolg. Toewijding!  


Lt-Kol Kilgore 31-08-17 | 16:32

De Forester bestuurder is nog mild.

Faecesbook 31-08-17 | 17:46

Mijn naam is Carjack Russell.

"Police in Kent (Washington, USA) confirmed to local news outlet Kiro 7 that the man was wanted for several attempted carjackings in the area. Following the incident, which was witnessed by Twitter users @Sahrmoiwo1 and @SukkChahal, police said the man was arrested. He was reportedly taken to hospital, while several of his victims were also taken to hospital for minor injuries sustained during the attempted carjackings. The police also said the man punched various other cars, and reportedly tried to break door handles to gain entry. The incident occurred in August, 2017."